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The 40 Percent Inc. (The 40%) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 2021 by a group of innovative biotechnology entrepreneurs, venture philanthropists, and leaders of successful patient organizations who are passionate about finding cures for rare diseases.  Our mission is to enable and accelerate the development of effective therapies for all rare diseases.  We strongly believe that patient organizations — not research institutions or government agencies — are the key to finding cures for rare diseases, because patient organizations are set up to efficiently lead, manage, and coordinate research for each of the 7000+ rare diseases that no single institution or agency can single-handedly do.  Patients and their organizations are the most motivated to find cures, and several patient organizations have successfully delivered effective therapies for their rare diseases that would have otherwise been neglected.  We are keenly aware that the biggest challenge facing most rare disease patient organizations is raising sufficient funding for research.  Rather than providing small conference and patient support grants, The 40% is focused on making large sustained grants available so that patient organizations can really drive research and find cures for all rare diseases.

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